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Athens from above

According to a survey conducted by RE/MAX Greece, the rent prices in the country have increased on average by 8.4 percent compared to last year, while wages are frozen, and pensions are about to be cut yet again.

The main reason for this rise is the wide-spreading of High Top 1 Black Riding Knee Boot Women's Moda COCO nfBwX4Sn-like platforms that create a distortion to the Greek housing market.

The demand for flats and houses is constantly on the rise while the available flats are becoming hard to find over the time, as their owners prefer the short-term rent options that these applications offer.

The problem in Greece’s capital, Athens, is even bigger as many of the city’s northern suburbs, like Marousi and Chalandri saw a rise of more than 14 percent in just one year.

Mid Toe Wedge Marie On Bella Classic Nine Shoes 5 Almond Slip Pump Red Womens The situation in Athens’ center is uncontrollable. Exarchia and Koukaki had a rise of 34 and 35 percent respectively, Kolonaki 23 percent, and Neapolis 20 percent compared to last year’s prices.

In Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, the trend is pretty much like Athens’.

On average, Thessaloniki’s rents rose by 14.4 percent with the highest rises spotted in the suburbs of Ano Poli, Kifissia, and Panorama.